So it turns out that I wasn’t getting used for my English…this time!

He just really liked me (one of you said that >_< forgot who) and said that he didn’t know if I had liked him, so he was always trying to play it down. You may be wondering why I thought I was getting used for my English. Well, when I lived in Japan it happened to me a few times and I was really sad and upset that I had opened up and let these people in (men and women) and they really just wanted something else. One girl just wanted to meet American men and once she got a boyfriend she was gone. Another one swiped a dude I was seeing from right under my nose, and yada yada. So this time around— I was just really on the look out for those types of people. 

I mean  we all kind of use people to an extent? I moved to Korea and I want to make Korean friends, not just  because I like Korea and want to experience the culture, but also because I know they can help me and show me things that will enhance my experience. But, does that mean once I get all I can get out of them I am going to roll them out and jump Koreans like I’m jumping rope? No. I want to develop a friendship to the fullest as much as I can and hope to create something lasting. So that if that person were ever to come to America they know that they have a place to rest their head. They know that their stuff is safe in my place. They know that I am going to look after them and make them feel that they are in a home away from home. 

When talking with another expat about this same subject he said that every time he makes a Korean friend after a few months they just fall off the map. I have also noticed this. I think that the home team  knows that the players in the game will eventually head back home. And maybe they just don’t want to invest too much in it, you know? 

Anyhow. The point is that he likes me :0) 

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