I don’t understand Korea…

Like why say that you have rescued X amount of people (and give false hope to parents and friends) when you know damn well  that you haven’t rescued the said amount of people. I understand not wanting to start a panic and all, but there is a certain sense of urgency that comes with situations like these. Time if of the utmost importance.  

This just reminds me of that time my friends and I were at a restaurant in Hongdae dining on the third floor. It was OBVIOUS that there was a serious problem…like the restaurant was on fire. Did an alarm sound? No? Did the staff usher us to leave? No. They kept cooking and carrying on about their business. Even opened up the windows for us. As we were the first ones to flee the place we could see that the first and second floor had already evacuated. There was a fire in the ceiling and as we were leaving the fire trucks and ambulances were pulling up.

Anyhow. I hope that they will be able to rescue as many as they can.

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Anonymous asked: I know many people go to korea or Japan as an English teacher but is it possible to be a art teacher over there??

I wouldn’t throw it out of the loop. I have met many people teaching many different things here: French, German, Math, and even acting. Charlie Cheer works with blind children. But with that said, I believe the jobs are few and far between if they do exist -_-;;

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2 dead after ferry sinks off South Korean coast

hmmm….I wonder what caused this. 

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Anonymous asked: i'm not sure if i navigated the website correctly, is the next flea market the "night market" on may 3??


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Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots. Tupac (via chocolatehighhh)

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Gimpo to cut after school programs????

I heard….through the grapevine….which is normally pretty reliable out here…that all NET will lose their after school classes for first and second grade (THANK GOD). 

I hope this applies to my ass. I don’t care about the extra money. It’s draining and I don’t have enough planning time to put out quality stuff for the kids. 

I guess it is true. GEPIK is CUTTING BACK!

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Signed up for Badoo

I’m about to TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the hell out of dudes!

Let the trolling begin!

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I need to make a video!

Any ideas? HA HA HA HAHA!  I’m running low on creative juice.

I kinda wanted to make a video about student life here in Korea. A lot of people are interested in what life is like as a student here. If anyone wants to work together on this type of video. Please inbox me.


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The writing on the wall


Peace out and gnight akihabara!
The Things Going Through My Head…

While eating alone.

1. Where the hell is spring?

2. I want more of this egg looking thing…how do I ask?

3. I hope they didn’t change the Korean drama to American baseball because of me.

4. Why is Pandora shitty at work but amazing at home when I have stuff to do?

5. Should I go home for 4 months? Nah. Maybe just 3…but what if I fall in love in that three months…nah. As if.

6. Why are the ajhummas and Ajhusshies always starting drama over the SMALLEST THING????

7. Is she gunna stare at me for EVERY bite?

8. Will I ever be able to eat a dumpling again without thinking of that damn movie…where they stuffed the dumplings with aborted fetuses. Probably not…that was three years ago.

9. My stomach hurts.

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I don’t necessarily crave sex, I crave the passion, lust, and emotional connection that comes with it. I crave that bond.

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